Ladies, do you want to travel the world but the fear of the unknown is holding you back?

Are the numerous online travel options too confusing and overwhelming?

Do you want the best travel experience but don't know how to get it?

Are you just too busy to do all the research and arrange the perfect vacation?

I understand. You are not alone.
Let's plan this trip together.

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SelfishMe Travel is all about making your travel dreams come true!

Travel in small groups, travel with family and friends, or for those intrepid adventurers, travel solo.

There’s a whole world out there waiting for you!

Be selfish.

You deserve it!

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Welcome to the SelfishMe Travel universe!

I'm Danielle Lewis, Owner, Chief Travel Officer (CTO), travel agent/advisor, world traveler, and solo travel expert.

My travel agency curates one-of-a-kind trips and tours to encourage Women to savor independent international travel by minimizing the unknowns. I listen to your wishes and needs then explore all the options, design, discuss, tweak, and schedule your dream journey.

Don't settle for an off-the-shelf package that everyone has access to. I'll help you design a travel experience especially tailored to you, stress-free!

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How We Work Together

What my clients are saying...

Planning a trip with Danielle is like planning a trip with your best friend who wants to make sure you have everything you need, all questions answered, and, most important of all, wants to make sure you have a good time.

Teresa R

I had the best trip ever using SelfishMe Travel. We discussed what I wanted on my trip and she designed my itinerary that fit me. I had a wonderful time. I would recommend SelfishMe Travel to anyone at any time.

Sandra B

SelfishMe Travel LLC created my ideal Christmas Market trip. Danielle gave me a few options to choose from, and when I made my selection, she booked me in great hotels that were located centrally to all the best markets. I had an awesome time and will continue to make SelfishMe my go to travel agent.

Yolanda H

Danielle made this experience first class from start to finish. Her exceptionally high level of customer service represents her extraordinary efforts to ensure Five Star service.

Laurant J

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SelfishMe Travel is passionate about culinary (food, wine, beer & liquor), wildlife, golf, spa, and solo travel. Within each section, we're providing you with some specific specialties that might interest you or we can help you design your own dream itinerary.


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Learn about different countries, tours, activities, cruises, hotels and resorts, restaurants, experiences, and get travel advice from SelfishMe Travel's contributors.


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