Do you want to travel the world but the fear of the unknown is holding you back?

Are the numerous online travel options too confusing and overwhelming?

We understand. You are not alone. Let's go together.

SelfishMe Travel was created to encourage Women to experience independent international travel by minimizing the unknowns.
Travel in groups, travel with friends, or for those intrepid adventurers, travel solo.
There’s a whole world out there!

Be selfish. You deserve it!

Go. See. Do. Be.


SelfishMe Travel LLC (in association with Travel Network/Vacation Central) is a full-service travel agency that curates one-of-a-kind trips and tours for any woman who wants to travel domestically or internationally but are either unsure where or how to begin; or are overwhelmed by the numerous online options; or simply doesn’t have the time or inclination to plan everything.

Don’t settle for an off-the-shelf package that everyone has access to – we’ll help you design one especially tailored to you and your needs, stress-free!

Danielle is an awesome travel agent! She helped us decide where and how to spend our 5th Anniversary. We had a wonderful time at the RIU in Cabo! I plan to use SelfishMe Travel for all my future travels.

Aleah and Rick F

Danielle Lewis exemplifies all of the characteristics that one would expect in a travel agent. She is professional, efficient, meticulous, and pleasant. Any stress or concern relating to your travel experience is quickly resolved. We worked with her to cancel a trip that was scheduled during the coronavirus nightmare and the process was effortless. One of the many benefits of having a good travel agent. We highly recommend her services.

Frances G

SelfishMeTravel helped me research and select the right dream cruise for me to New Zealand! Thrilled to work with Danielle who is a world expert in travel.

Joanne G

I had the best trip ever using SelfishMe Travel. We discussed what I wanted on my trip and she designed my itinerary that fit me. I had a wonderful time. I would recommend SelfishMe Travel to anyone at any time.

Sandra B

Planning a trip can be so stressful, especially if you’re not very familiar with your destination, or when you’re on a tight budget. But Danielle is a master at travel planning, and will work with you to tailor the perfect trip for you, so that the hardest part for you is waiting for the first day of your adventure. I can’t believe I waited so long to use a travel agent; SelfishMe is vacation planning at its best!

Shannon S

SelfishMe Travel LLC created my ideal Christmas Market trip. Danielle gave me a few options to choose from, and when I made my selection, she booked me in great hotels that were located centrally to all the best markets. I had an awesome time and will continue to make SelfishMe my go to travel agent.

Yolanda H

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Choose Your Passion

SelfishMe Travel is passionate about culinary (food, wine, beer & liquor), golf, spa, and solo travel. Within each section, we're providing you with some specific specialties that might interest you or we can help you design your own dream itinerary.


Travel Blog

Learn about different countries, tours, activities, cruises, hotels and resorts, restaurants, experiences, and get travel advice from SelfishMe Travel's contributors.


Travel Services

SelfishMe Travel has got so many things up our sleeves just for you. Our Travel Services page shows you what we can do for you plus we have some helpful travel pages with tons of informational links and points and miles consulting!


Our Focus

Our Focus is to design bespoke fully-independent vacations and hand-crafted theme trips for Women to encourage confidence in their own skin even when traveling outside of their comfort zone.

Our Specialty

Our Specialty is to design personalized Culinary (food, wine, beer & liquor), Golf, and Spa vacations for women as a solo traveler or in small groups. We truly believe that a woman should be indulged and pampered wherever she goes. And if that is her wish, we'll make it happen!

Our Passion

Our Passion is to continually Encourage, Equip, Connect, Enlighten, Enrich, Energize, and Empower Women to Travel Solo Safely Everywhere.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to build memorable experiences for the socially, ethically and ecologically conscious female traveler with a concentration on cultural enrichment, community impact, and fun.

Go. See. Do. Be.

SelfishMe Travel is all about making your travel dreams come true. From female solo travelers to a small group trip of family and friends to our Specialty Travel packages, let us design the perfect vacation or event for you.

We have some great experiences waiting for you but first, see the ways we make traveling easy and fun.

Learn about good food spots, new experiences and get travel advice.

Adventures are better when you know what to expect. We have you covered.

Payment Plans

Don't let money stop you. We want everyone to travel with us.

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