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Ladies, do you want to travel the world but the fear of the unknown is holding you back?

Are you a foodie fanatic or is a safari on your bucket list?

Do you want the best culinary and/or wildlife travel experiences but don't know how to get them?

Are the numerous online travel options too confusing and overwhelming?

Do you have a thousand questions but don't know who to ask?

Are you too busy to do all the research?

Are you stressed out trying to plan and arrange the perfect vacation?

I understand. You are not alone.
Let's plan this trip together.

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SelfishMe Travel is all about making your travel dreams come true!

I specialize in designing stress-free selfishly-indulgent culinary and wildlife vacations for girlfriend groups, family and friends groups, or for those intrepid adventurers, solo travelers.

There’s a whole world out there waiting for you!

Be selfish.

You deserve it!

Let's Go. See. Do. Be.

Group Trips


Exploring Exotic Morocco from April 16-29, 2024



Exploring Exotic Egypt from March 17-28, 2025

Imagine sailing down the Nile River, where history comes alive around every bend. Picture yourself stepping into a world of ancient pharaohs, mesmerizing pyramids, and temples that have stood the test of time. 🛶🏺 Join SelfishMe Travel on a Trip of a Lifetime!

Danielle Lewis, owner and CTO of SelfishMe Travel

Welcome to the SelfishMe Travel universe!

I'm Danielle Lewis, Owner, Chief Travel Officer (CTO), travel agent/advisor, world traveler, and solo travel expert.

My travel agency curates one-of-a-kind selfishly-indulgent trips and tours to encourage Women, like you, to savor independent international travel by minimizing the unknowns. I listen to your wishes and needs then explore all the options, design, discuss, tweak, and schedule your dream journey.

Don't settle for an off-the-shelf package that everyone has access to. I'll help you design a travel experience especially tailored to you, stress-free!

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What my clients are saying...

Planning a trip with Danielle is like planning a trip with your best friend who wants to make sure you have everything you need, all questions answered, and, most important of all, wants to make sure you have a good time.

Teresa R

I had the best trip ever using SelfishMe Travel. We discussed what I wanted on my trip and she designed my itinerary that fit me. I had a wonderful time. I would recommend SelfishMe Travel to anyone at any time.

Sandra B

SelfishMe Travel LLC created my ideal Christmas Market trip. Danielle gave me a few options to choose from, and when I made my selection, she booked me in great hotels that were located centrally to all the best markets. I had an awesome time and will continue to make SelfishMe my go to travel agent.

Yolanda H

Danielle made this experience first class from start to finish. Her exceptionally high level of customer service represents her extraordinary efforts to ensure Five Star service.

Laurant J

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