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Asia has emerged into a fast-growing market for cruise lines.  The cultures and landscapes are varied and award travelers with an opportunity to visit far-flung places that were previously only fantasized.   Most cruise lines offer departures from multiple port locations such as Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tokyo, and itineraries can be tailored to suit the short term traveler as well as the marathoner.  However, in my opinion, once you make the arduous airline journey, the longer your stay, the more gratifying your adventure.  Some savvy planners can book back to back sailings enabling you to sail home, avoiding the long flight.  Speaking from experience, I can say it may be “the” trip of a lifetime.  Last year winter, we embarked on a 41-day cruise from Singapore to Brisbane, Australia.  Then, after two (also too) short weeks in Australia, we jumped on another ship heading back to Los Angeles.

Sihanoukville Cambodia may not be high on the must-see list for many people, and tour operators often make a bee-line for the notable locales such as Phnom Penh and Angkor Wat.   This coastal city with a deep water port has a thriving fishing industry, bustling markets, and postcard-perfect white sand beaches that dot the Cambodian peninsula and offer just the right amount sightseeing.   Perhaps this is why it has attracted the attention of major Chinese developers who are building hotels and casinos in haste hoping to catch the tourism boom.  When we select a tour, we elect to have as much of a local experience as we can.  So although the Heritage Sites of Cambodia are assuredly worthwhile, our selections provided the most varied for the short time we were in port.

All visitors to Cambodia are required to obtain a 30-day tourist visa.  As cruise passengers, this was handled for us by the cruise line.  In our opinion, this proves to be a very efficient and hassle-free manner of handling the government requirements of each country.

Entire fishing villages built on the surface of the water

Wat Kraom, a beautiful Buddhist temple dedicated to the deity Yeah Mao, where a small donation will result in a blessing from one of the monks

Phsar Leu Market where locals shop each day for meat, seafood, and vegetables.

Beautiful Otres Beach, lined with bungalows, bars, and restaurants where you can spend a tranquil day catching some rays, enjoying an Angkor Beer and maybe even a indulge that much-needed mani-pedi.


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