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On July 4, 2020 I received the Tourism Cares Meaningful Travel Ambassador certificate after completing six training modules on the Meaningful Travel Platform.

SelfishMe Travel - Tourism Cares Meaningful Travel Ambassador certificate

Tourism Cares Meaningful Travel Ambassador certificate

The Meaningful Travel Platform is for industry professionals and companies wanting to focus on building, developing and managing their travel business, more meaningfully. Every segment of the industry and employee within them can learn and benefit from content and resources provided on travel topics like climate action, human trafficking, animal welfare, community crisis support, and more.

About Tourism Cares: Tourism Cares is a 501c3 industry-supported non-profit organization whose mission is to advance the travel industry’s positive social and environmental impact. We believe it is in our best interest to support the destinations we all depend on so that communities, travelers and businesses can prosper. To learn more, visit:

I first heard about Tourism Cares at the Ensemble International Conference in Seattle, Washington in October 2019 and was so impressed with their goals of affecting local communities positively that I signed up on its website immediately.

After taking this course, there are some things that I can pledge right now.

Wildlife Tourism:

  1. I do not condone nor will I knowingly sell tickets for riding, walking, holding, petting, kissing, or selfie picture-taking activities with any animals.
  2. I do not condone nor will I knowingly sell tickets for swimming with or bathing any animals.
  3. I do not condone nor will I knowingly sell tickets for zoos, animal shows, or animal circuses.
  4. I do not condone nor will I knowingly sell tickets where animals are held in cages, pits, farms, or on chains for any kind of entertainment, reproductive or productive purposes.
  5. I will support animal rescues and sanctuaries that follow the sanctuary checklist below.


Click on the PDFs for more information: Checking out of cruelty and sanctuary checklist.


Orphanage Tourism:

  • I do not condone visiting orphanages as a highlight of tourism, a photo-op, or any other type of travel incentive.

Click on picture to see orphanage video


I will do my best to discourage others from supporting and paying for the cruelty to animals and the disruption to children’s lives.



  • I have already reduced my use of plastics and encourage all of my clients, by email, with a list of sustainability suggestions while traveling.
  • I offset some of my clients’ carbon footprint via donations to Trees4Travel in their names.

I promise, in the near future, to determine what else I can do to be a more socially responsible person and travel agency.

Will you help me in this endeavor?


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Danielle Lewis

Danielle Lewis is a Travel Agent/Advisor who specializes in helping busy Women plan customized Culinary and Wildlife vacations worldwide. #GoSeeDoBe #SelfishMeTravel

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