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I recently checked into a nearby hotel – my first hotel stay since the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions – to test out the new cleanliness standards.

It was a major hotel chain with suites that include a small kitchen (two-burner stove top, sink, refrigerator, pots and pans, coffeepot, etc.), a large desk, and a sofa bed in the living area.

The check-in procedures were in compliance with CDC recommendations to stop the spread of this airborne illness and the room was cleaned well. There is no more daily room cleaning, unless you request it and you must leave the room while it is being cleaned.  So, basically, you are on your own.

Yes, a few disinfecting wipes for door handles, light switches, etc. traveled with me because this short stay was just for 3-days/2-nights. No cleaning supplies though…

popular cleaning products

Sh*t Crap happens. Unexpectedly. Count on it.

On the first night, I spilled some greasy food on the bed linens and I got an upset stomach. Blame the greasy food!

Dawn dishwashing liquid to the rescue!

Dawn dishwashing liquid

The hotel, thankfully, supplied a small bottle of Dawn for washing dishes.

Why would you use Dawn?

Dawn is biodegradable, is used to clean up wildlife after oil spills, and I know it can clean grease stains from clothes so I tried it on the sheets.

Did you know that hotels can hold you liable and will charge your credit card for things they consider “damage”? Yup, read the fine print.

credit cards

Anyway… yes, the bedsheets were saved! And so was my bacon (wallet)!

But (no pun intended), if you trust Dawn to clean the plates, utensils, cups, etc. that you use to consume your food and drink, then why can’t it also be used to clean the surfaces that you use to… expel your food and drink?

Hmmm, I was not going to be embarrassed by calling for a late-night clean-up nor could I endure the sight or smell, so…

Although not recommended on their FAQ page, Dawn can be used on doorknobs, surfaces, and bathrooms, etc.

I used it to clean the toilet.

Yes indeed, my ass dignity was saved by a little bottle of blue liquid!

Just know that a small bottle of Dawn can save room in your carry-on luggage (instead of multiple cleaning supplies) and it can literally save your butt for a short stay! 😉❤️ Buy a couple of trial-sized bottles to go along with your hand sanitizers and be prepared for anything.


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