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Winery & Spa Resort of the Week 🍇🥂🍷: Viña Vik in Millahue, Chile

VIK Chile, the most luxurious hotel in Chile, will inspire you to switch off and unwind.

Vik Chile Retreat

A luxury retreat with exceptional architecture, located at the top of our park, to experience Vik in all its splendor.

Ideally perched on a hilltop in the middle of this most picturesque valley, with the Andes mountains in the distance, Vik Chile boasts 360-degree views out across the surrounding vineyards and nature. Its floating, sculptural roof of bronzed titanium, which was inspired by the mountains, the wind, and the work of Frank Gehry and Richard Serra greets guests as they arrive.

The floating, structural roof of titanium and bronze in a windswept, mountainous setting provides an exceptional view of the valley. Immersed in a 4,450-hectare nature reserve, this is a one-of-a-kind destination in Chile.

Transparent spaces full of life and a central patio with a Zen garden surrounded by colourful flowers welcome our guests. The living room invites people to gather and relax with its notable artwork, including paintings by Roberto Matta and a diptych from Anslem Kiefer’s iconic series The secret life of plants. Experience Milla Milla, a signature glass-walled restaurant with a majestic wine cellar and a phenomenal view of the valley and infinity pool. Discover the 22 themed rooms and 7 private glass-walled bungalows.

The Vineyard

VIK vineyard was born amidst the foothills of the Andes mountains, within the Millahue Valley, named “Lugar de Oro” or “Golden Place” by the native Mapuche people.

The vineyard is located on over 4,300 hectares of magnificent Chilean nature with a unique biodiversity.

Luxury experiences for all the senses. An immersion in VIK’s terroir; an exclusive experience for all your senses.

Discover VIK’s essence through an exclusive tour of the outstanding winery and learn about the art of VIK’s wines through a full-on tasting, where you can travel the vineyards through your senses.

Wine Spa

Enjoy a natural bath in wine, filled with unique benefits that will nourish you in every sense, enabling you to experience a complete sense of wellbeing, peace and natural harmony, and really appreciate our unique, seasonal harvests as their antioxidant benefits soak into your skin.

With horseback riding, mountain biking and other excursions, it is easy to be immersed in the immensity of VIK, surrounded by magnificent natural scenery, native Chilean forests and lush vegetation. Enjoy a gourmet lunch in the vineyard’s Pavilion restaurant, prepared with fresh, and seasonal produce from VIK’s own organic culinary garden, perfectly paired with the vineyard’s wines.

Since its opening, Vik Chile has enjoyed international admiration. Travellers from around the world come to enjoy this innovative travel experience, unmatched anywhere in the world. The 4,400 hectare private park celebrates Vik Chile’s singular location and the resort features unprecedented architecture and design, art and décor, environmentally respectful practices, warm and attentive service and a broad array of activities for guests. A must-visit destination.

Credit: words and images above from Viña Vik.

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Why Do We Recommend Viña Vik?

I have not yet been to Chile and therefore have never visited Viña Vik. However, this resort was designed in part by Frank Gehry, is a Forbes Best 100 Hotels in the World, has been reputed to have a sublime dining menu with cooking classes on offer, plus I love the Vik Milla Cala wine, and best of all VinoTherapy!



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