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Winery & Spa Resort of the Week 🍇🥂🍷: Farmhouse Inn & Spa in Forestville, California

Everything You’ve Heard is True

The Farmhouse Inn story dates back more than a hundred years when, in 1911, a windfall in the hops market turned our Bartolomei ancestors’ Sonoma dream into reality. Fast-forward five generations (and decades of family celebrations under the olive trees, in the vineyards and around the kitchen table) and you’ll find siblings Joe and Catherine Bartolomei, who purchased a rundown inn a few miles from the great grandparents’ ranch in the Russian River Valley and turned it into one of the highest-rated hotels in the world.

Embrace Our Sonoma-Style Accommodations

Whether a spacious and elegant suite with vaulted ceilings and woodland views or a charming jewel box room where you can really cozy up, Farmhouse Inn has a sublime retreat to suit every style and occasion. Havens of stylish comfort, handcrafted amenities, and unmatched attention to detail, every room and suite at Farmhouse Inn has its own personality, charm and laid-back warmth. In fact, some might say the rooms are a reflection of the staff.

An Exclusive Experience at Wine Country Favorites

We’re delighted to share a selection of Sonoma County wineries, which provide exclusive experiences and benefits to Farmhouse Inn guests. Launched in 2010, our Winery Partner Program was designed to ensure that our guests would have a list of wineries that we knew provided a delicious product and excellent experience. Our 5th generation Sonoma family owners have hand-selected these exclusive curated partnerships to elevate your tasting experiences and adds great value to your stay. We hope you get the opportunity to visit all of these wineries at least once during your travels.

From Our Sonoma Farms to Your Table

What happens when two fifth-generation Sonoma farmers, a Michelin-starred chef, a world-class maitre d’ and a team of sommeliers conspire? Some call it magic…We call it Farmhouse Inn. Our restaurant has long been the cornerstone of our hotel. Fueled by ingredients straight from Joe and Catherine Bartolomei’s ranch or discovered by the chef on his daily farm stops en route to the inn, our menus are ever-changing and rely exclusively on not only what is fresh and seasonal in Sonoma County, but on what is perfect, unexpected and delightful. Our service is friendly yet infinitely professional and sophisticated, carefully orchestrated down to the smallest detail. The wine program offers opportunities to experience not just the finest wines of the Sonoma and Napa wine country, but those most perfectly suited to complement the dining experience we strive to create.

The Wellness Barn (Award Winning Sonoma Spa Treatments and Rituals)

We Believe… We believe in holistic alignment with the rhythms of the seasons; nature is our most powerful healer and greatest inspiration. We believe wellness doesn’t have to be complicated; the journey toward health and happiness is rooted in simplicity. We believe taking time for self-care is an act of personal power; let us be a source of peace for you.

In each session, we weave together local remedies and healing modalities designed to align, awaken and restore you to your own unique place of balance. Come as you are; we’ll meet you there.

Sommelier-led wine tours. A Michelin-starred restaurant. Rooms with curated wine refrigerators and feather beds. Owners so intimately connected to Sonoma that their story dates back five generations. This – and so much more – is why Farmhouse Inn ranks among the most highly rated hotels in the world.

Credit: words and images above from Farmhouse Inn & Spa.

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Why Do We Recommend Farmhouse Inn & Spa?

The exclusive access to some nearby private wineries should get your heart to racing. Add in gorgeous suites and cottages, a Michelin-starred restaurant, an award-winning spa, and personally curated experiences tailored by the Concierge team; that all makes Farmhouse Inn & Spa a favorite for anyone who’s already been there and top of the wish list for anyone who hasn’t.



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