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The Maldives is an incredible country, comprising over one thousand islands, two hundred of which are inhabited. It’s a destination that – despite its rich offerings – is actually new on the global tourism scene. But it’s not to be overlooked! Now, maybe you don’t have time to visit all 1,192 islands! But let’s start with my top five:

1. Malé Island

The location of the capital city – and the main international airport – this island is a must. But don’t just land here and then run off to your next destination.

Malé Maldives and bridge to airport on SelfishMe Travel blogSpend some time soaking in the history here – in the Grand Friday Mosque, built in 1658 out of coral stone, and hearkening back to the age of the Sultanate. Soak in the sights and sounds (and maybe the smells too!) of the Malé Fish Market – an essential hub for the locals, many of whom get their sustenance from the ever-present ocean that surrounds them. Lounge at the luxurious beaches, in a glamour that’s not to be surpassed.

2. Alimatha Island

No visit to the Maldives is complete without a stop at Alimatha island, a treasure trove of wonderful resorts and spas. Come here and truly unwind by getting an ayurvedic massage, at one of the expert-run massage centers. Or relax at a lovely beach bungalow or an over-the-water property where you can stare down beneath your floor and see the tropical fish drift lazily past. And then, of course, for thrill seekers, you can find excellent scuba, windsurfing, canoeing, and cat sailing!

Maldives overwater bungalows on SelfishMe Travel blog3. Como Cocoa Island

The entire, tiny Como Cocoa Island is a blissful resort – but not just your everyday luxury stay. All of the suites here aren’t built on land, but over the water – where you can not only see, but live in, the beautiful turquoise lagoon off the edge of the island. Get out of the city, away from civilization, and spend some moments of truly blissful – and truly quiet – contemplation. A visit to this island isn’t something that you’ll ever forget – so, make memories that will last for your lifetime.

4. Vihamanafushi Island

Don’t worry about trying to pronounce “Vihamanafushi” – just let a local guide take you there! This fabulous island is home to Kurumba Beach, where you can find the Kurumba Maldives Resort.

Kurumba Maldives on SelfishMe Travel blog

This is an excellent destination for honeymooners or anyone who just wants to chill at the beach, with a wide range of activities and entertainment. Best of all? It’s just a hop, skip, and a jump from the international airport!

5. Biyadhoo Island

Biyadhoo Island is a scuba diver’s paradise. This densely vegetated, city-less island is where nature thrives – particularly in the water, as the island is quite close to many of the country’s best diving spots. And not only does it boast world-class scuba, but there is a range of other watersports and countless opportunities for thrills. Or, if you prefer to relax, most of this island is made up of the splendid Biyadhoo Resort – a delightful spot to relax and soak in the tropical sun!

So… what do you think about my top 5 Maldives islands? Is there any island you want to replace on my list?


Also, check out my Maldives Travel Guide for more information. And when you’re ready to visit the Maldives, let SelfishMe Travel help you design your next best vacation by booking a complimentary discovery call with me.



CREDITS: This blog post was created by the Travel Agent Social and sold to SelfishMe Travel in 2021.

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