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What’s the difference between a US Passport Book and a US Passport Card? This question was raised by a few clients going on an international trip for the first time. The differences are clearly listed on the US Passport Card page. Straight talk: ACCESS is the absolute main difference.

The US Passport Card is ONLY for land border crossings and some cruise ports of entry. That’s Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda; that’s it.


I DO NOT recommend the passport card! Even though it costs less, expires the same amount of time, and fits in your wallet, it limits your freedom to visit every other country in the world.

If you ever plan to fly internationally, get the passport book. With a US Passport Card, you will not be allowed to get on a flight where your final destination is international. If you ever plan to cruise beyond North America, Mexico and the Caribbean, get the passport book. In fact, just get the passport book because you never know where you might want to go in the future.

Life Lessons

Two friends were denied boarding their flights to Vancouver Canada and Montego Bay Jamaica, respectively, because they only had the Passport card. They were in tears: vacation ruined!

missed flight on SelfishMe Travel blog post

Don’t be THAT person…

There was nothing I could do to help because they did not book their vacations through me. As a Travel Advisor, I require a picture of your passport for verification purposes. In addition, I always stay up-to-date with the latest entry and exit requirements for the USA and each country my clients visit.


Seriously. Save yourself the aggravation, the tears, and the possible loss of your hard-earned dollars (neither friend had travel insurance🤦🏽‍♀️) and hire a Travel Advisor, like me, to help you plan your vacation. Click on the “Book a chat with me” buttons at the top menu or at the very bottom of this site to get started on your vacation.



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Danielle Lewis

Danielle Lewis is a Travel Agent/Advisor who specializes in helping busy Women plan customized Culinary and Wildlife vacations worldwide. #GoSeeDoBe #SelfishMeTravel

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