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International travel is always a big deal, no matter where you’ve decided to go. Believe it or not, travel days can take a lot out of you so here are just a few tips on the best ways to prepare for an international trip. You can even use most of these tips when traveling domestically.

So Let’s Discuss!

1. Put Eyes on Your Passport

Days or even weeks before you’re scheduled to leave, locate your passport.  Make sure you know exactly where it is. Don’t assume and wait until the last minute to pull it out. One of the worst feelings is discovering your passport is not where you thought it was hours before your trip.

US passports and world map on SelfishMe Travel blog post

2. Get some Sleep

Rest is a given. In general, a good night’s sleep is a good thing.  But, you should definitely try to get an ample amount of sleep the night before your flight. If you think this or sleeping on the plane might be an issue, bring a sleep mask, and some melatonin for your flight. You want to feel rested when you get to your destination, not grumpy and sluggish because of the lack of sleep.

3. Dress in your Comfy Clothes

You will be sitting in a tight spot for hours at a time! You won’t want to wear something tight or have a zipper/button poking into you. Be as comfortable as possible. But don’t worry, it’s very possible to keep it comfy and cute at the same time.  Pair your comfy loungewear with some great accessories: a shawl or a hoodie to ward off the chill in the cabin, warm socks and/or slippers, and prepare to travel comfortably in style.

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4. Pack Light

Pack only the things that you need. I get it. Sometimes you aren’t sure what to pack due to planned activities or weather conditions, but the last thing you want is to haul an extra-large suitcase that is bulky and heavy.  Not fun. Pack only what you need to make things easier. A great rule of thumb, if you’re not sure, leave it home.

5. Get TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry

If you haven’t heard about TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry, you are in for a special treat. Think of TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry as a Disney FastPass for the airport. This perk will help you cut the line at security and customs. No more waiting in long lines. You’ll have extra time to walk around the terminals for your last stretch, potty break, or Starbucks fix before your flight.

6. Devices, Devices, Devices

When it comes to devices, be sure to bring headphones to cancel out the noise for a more enjoyable flight experience, a laptop/tablet to watch some movies that you download from your favorite streaming account, an extra charger so you’ll have plenty of juice, and a global adapter so that you can plug-in anywhere when your batteries are running low.

7. Travel Apps

There’s an app for everything that you can think of, such as maps, translation help, staying in touch with your airline, and much more. Try adding your airline’s app for flight updates and in-flight entertainment. In addition, SelfishMe Travel provides an itinerary app to coordinate flights, accommodations, transfers, activities, and tours while you’re on vacation.

8. Arrive at the Airport Early

Most airports suggest that you be at the airport two hours before you depart, but nowadays, you may want to get there even earlier for international travel because of ongoing staffing issues. Just be prepared for long lines and wait times.

9. Airport Lounges

Have a long layover?  Consider purchasing time in an airport lounge.  Listen, those airline lounges are not exclusive to premium passengers and credit cardholders, if they have space, simply pay to enter and get your relax on! Or get your Priority Pass access to over 1,300+ lounges and experiences worldwide.

airport lounge on SelfishMe Travel blog post

10. Stay Hydrated

Bring a collapsible refillable water bottle with you that is empty BEFORE you go through airport security. You can find a fill-up station or water fountain to fill it up for FREE. You must stay hydrated because the air cabins are extremely dry, and you want to avoid getting a dehydration headache.

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When you’re ready to take your next international trip, let SelfishMe Travel help you design your next best vacation by booking a complimentary discovery call with me and remember these tips when it’s time to go.






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