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If you know me then you know I love a well-crafted cocktail just as much as I love to travel. And there are plenty of destinations around the world that have a signature cocktail for which the rest of the world gives them credit for. So, when I’m immersed in a destination’s culture, enjoying their national drink is part of embracing their cultural identity and the overall experience.

cocktails on SelfishMe Travel blog post

The creation of adult beverages is an exhilarating practice, I’ve tried it a few times myself, and some “Mixologists” worldwide have claimed fame with their creations. Many cocktails have famous reputations and developing a new one is seen as a work of art in the food and beverage industry.

I’ve written several blog posts about my favorite international cocktails but I’ve included 7 more drinks to try on vacation.



Cuba’s prized concoction; the refreshing mix of white Rum, sugar, lime, fresh muddled mint, and soda water make for a great thirst quencher to cool down in any tropical environment. Some versions have included other tropical fruits for a sweeter taste, but the basic mint/lime combo is the original. Check out my favorite recipe in my World Cocktail Day 2020: Drinking Internationally blog post.

SelfishMe travel blog post - Cuba Mojito

Rum Punch

Rumored to be consumed just as much as water. Jamaica produces the largest variety of Rum throughout the world. The island has highlighted the Liquor by mixing light or dark Rum with a collection of fresh, natural tropical juices such as pineapple, orange, mango, lemon, and lime. A traditional Rum Punch will also include a splash of grenadine to ensure a beautiful vibrant fuchsia color.

Rum Punch cocktail on SelfishMe Travel blog post

Jamaicans say that this punch will flow through your body with vibrations and energy, just like the Caribbean drums of the island. And if you’ve been on any day cruise in Jamaica, you’ve tasted this in its various forms of taste and potency.


Millions of Canadians consume Caesars daily. It’s a savory drink made with Vodka, hot sauce, celery, lime, and clam juice, also known as “clamato.” Many people drink Caesars anytime during the day, even during breakfast hours. It packs a punch and is often paired with elaborate garnishments such as strips of bacon, fried chicken, and even seafood. Some have compared the Caesar to a Bloody Mary, but most Canadians think it puts the Bloody Mary to shame. My favorite Caesar recipe can be found here in my World Cocktail Day: Drinking Internationally blog post.

Kir Royale

If you’re in love with sweet cocktails, order this drink the next time you’re in France! You’ll get a pretty cocktail made with white wine and a dark sweet liqueur called crème de cassis. Order this drink with champagne instead of wine if you’re drinking to celebrate.

Kir Royale cocktail on SelfishMe Travel blog post


If you’ve watched just one episode of Sex & The City, you know you can’t have a night in NYC without ordering the world-famous Cosmopolitan, better known as a Cosmo. The combination of Vodka, cranberry juice, lime juice, and a splash of Cointreau makes for a fabulous girl’s night out in the city.

Classic Cosmopolitan cocktail on SelfishMe Travel blog post

Cosmos are a universal favorite because almost every bar or lounge I’ve been to has a house specialty Cosmo plus you look classy sipping from it.



Sake is to Japan what sushi is to Japan. Depending on the type of Sake, it can be served either hot or cold. Considered one of the world’s oldest drinks and made from fermented rice that can complement many different meals. The alcohol content is high, typically between 15-20% per serving; to compare that to something…one beer generally is around 4% alcohol content. Sake is served in small portions and has a sweetness to it that surprises most people when they first experience it. I was definitely surprised! Did you know that Sake can also be used in cooking?

Bottle of Japanese Sake on SelfishMe Travel blog post


This is the spirit that takes the lead in Greece. It is sweet yet strong and unlike any other liqueur I’ve ever tasted. It is an Anise flavored liqueur with a potent fiery punch to it. Some Greeks say it has a similarity to Greek coffee. The robust Ouzo is consumed straight with no mixer because Ouzo lovers like to keep the focus remaining on the intensity of the unique spirit. Much like Greek culture, Ouzo will make an impact on your life!

Glasses of Ouzo cocktail on SelfishMe Travel blog postIf you like black licorice with a kick (enough to knock you off a bar stool) then “whew child!” Ouzo is for you!


I think it’s safe to say no matter where your travels take you, you’ll always be able to find a good drink, maybe even a great drink. So, enjoy the journey, and bottoms up! And when you’re ready, let SelfishMe Travel help you design your next best culinary vacation by booking a complimentary discovery call with me.









CREDITS: This blog post was partially created by the Xclusively Yours and sold to SelfishMe Travel in 2022.




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