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Breakfast at Artie’s

Breakfast at Artie’s

Today, I had a fantastic breakfast at Artie's in Fairfax, Virginia! Below is the "BBBC Brioche French Toast" #2 with smoked bacon, scrambled eggs, and home fries.  The French Toast is made with thick bread, rolled in egg and granola crumbs before it gets the heat then…
Dani Lew
July 24, 2011
Road Kill Stew in Madeira - image taken by DaniLew LLC with a Nikon D300 and Sigma 30 lens

Travel Stories: Road Kill Stew Madeiran-style

On one cold rainy Funchal, Madeira December night in 2008, I was enjoying the fruit of the gods (some smooth and sweet concoction with not enough honey, citrus and ginger to cover the distilled alcohol aftertaste) with some new friends. The Poncha mixture, as explained…
Dani Lew
July 2, 2011

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