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A Mexico beach on SelfishMe Travel blog

Mexico: my top 5 spots

Here’s where to go when you get to Mexico! Mexico is – if nothing else – huge. And unlike a lot of the world’s biggest countries (Russia, Canada, and the USA – because of Alaska) it’s not just a frozen wasteland. Pretty much every part…
Danielle Lewis
September 18, 2022
A Maldives island on SelfishMe Travel blog

Maldives: my top 5 islands

The Maldives is an incredible country, comprising over one thousand islands, two hundred of which are inhabited. It’s a destination that – despite its rich offerings – is actually new on the global tourism scene. But it’s not to be overlooked! Now, maybe you don't…
Danielle Lewis
September 11, 2022
Monthly Travel Industry News on SelfishMe Travel blog
Round UpTravelViewpoint

USA drops Covid-19 re-entry testing

Late-breaking travel industry news - June 10, 2022 The Biden Administration has decided to drop the Covid-19 testing requirement for international travelers flying back to the USA, effective this coming Sunday, June 12, 2022 at 12:01 AM. Please note: the CDC will re-evaluate the situation…
Danielle Lewis
June 10, 2022




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