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SelfishMe Travel is your go-to travel agency for planning a well-deserved, selfishly-indulgent escape. I specialize in creating exquisite Culinary and Wildlife experiences that feed your soul and stir your wanderlust.

Are you a foodie at heart? From world-renowned wines to tantalizing traditions in food, and even a beer or liquor tasting that makes your taste buds dance — our culinary vacations are made just for you.

Wild about wildlife? Dive into culturally rich, biodiverse environments of the Southern Hemisphere, where you can fully connect with nature!

Let’s face it, you’ve earned a break. An opportunity to put everything else aside and focus on what you love. So let’s pour that glass of Merlot, gaze at a mesmerizing sunset over the African savannah, and indulge in you – because at SelfishMe Travel, we believe in making your vacation all about you.

Imagine yourself in a plush 4 or 5-star lodge nestled among South Africa’s vibrant wildlife? Or maybe you’re yearning to delve into delectable culinary treasures in the vibrant heart of Buenos Aires? Whatever your desire, let me whisk you away on a journey of indulgence through the cultures of the Southern Hemisphere.

Timing is everything, and giving me a head start of 8+ months allows me to create your perfect, bespoke travel itinerary. It also allows you to get exactly what you want instead of the leftovers.

I’m now opening up slots for those ready to embark on a journey worth at least $3,000 (solo traveler)/$5,000 (more than 1 person) – this isn’t just a vacation, it’s an investment in your happiness!

Before we dive in though, I urge you to take a look at my Vacation Planning and Support Services Charges and Fees page. It’ll guide you through everything you want to know about the financial side of things.

Go. See. Do. Be.

Five Steps to Your Next Best Vacation

Wildebeest Migration in Tanzania on SelfishMe Travel
With tourists watching, an Elephant takes a swim in the Chobe River at Chobe National Park, Botswana - taken with a Nikon D300 camera and Nikon 80-400 VR II lens

Step 1: Let’s get started

We start by chatting on an online discovery call where I get to know you, your travel style, interests, etc. Then if you feel that we’d make a good fit, I’ll share my Vacation Planning and Support Services Charges and Fees that will be due at the same time that you sign my Professional Vacation Planning and Support Services Agreement.

Step 2: Planning & Design

Based on what I learn during our discovery call consultation, I’ll begin researching your options and start planning the itinerary for your next best vacation — one that’s designed to fit your unique travel needs. We can make adjustments as needed.

Step 3: Book & Manage

Whether it’s a safari, a cruise, a road trip, or a cooking class, I take care of booking all the big and small details of your trip. See FAQ #16 for a list of possible travel products and services.

Step 4: Support

Flight cancellations, changing rules and restrictions, lockdowns, border closings, etc., I stay on top of the travel news and advise you and/or your travel companions of all possible options in a timely manner to make it all seamless and stress-free.

Step 5: It’s Go Time!

You pack your bags and travel with confidence and ease. I’m just a call or text away if you need anything while you travel.

Think we’re on the same page? Yes, Brilliant! Just click on the Complimentary Vacation Discovery Call button below button to kickstart this captivating journey of planning your perfect escape. Remember your vacation should be as unique and wonderful as you are.

As your personal Travel Advisor, I take the stress, research and planning out of your hands but your final vacation itinerary will have “you” written all over it.

Here’s to dream vacations becoming dreamy realities!

Yes, Book My Complimentary Vacation Discovery Call Now!

What my clients are saying...

Planning a trip with Danielle is like planning a trip with your best friend who wants to make sure you have everything you need, all questions answered, and, most important of all, wants to make sure you have a good time.

Teresa R

Danielle is very responsive and tailored our trip to fit our requirements. Our inquiry was a short notice. Danielle promptly put together a package with a few options within 24 hours. Very professional and explained all the details in addition to follow up reminders before departure date. The vacation was perfectly laid out for us.

Johnnie W

SelfishMe Travel LLC created my ideal Christmas Market trip. Danielle gave me a few options to choose from, and when I made my selection, she booked me in great hotels that were located centrally to all the best markets. I had an awesome time and will continue to make SelfishMe my go to travel agent.

Yolanda H

Danielle is so knowledgeable, and provides excellent service. She responds to questions quickly, and thoroughly. She cares about your trip, how smoothly it goes, and how much you enjoy it.

Shannon S

Danielle Lewis exemplifies all of the characteristics that one would expect in a travel agent. She is professional, efficient, meticulous, and pleasant. Any stress or concern relating to your travel experience is quickly resolved. We worked with her to cancel a trip that was scheduled during the coronavirus nightmare and the process was effortless. One of the many benefits of having a good travel agent. We highly recommend her services.

Frances G

I had the best trip ever using SelfishMe Travel. We discussed what I wanted on my trip and she designed my itinerary that fit me. I had a wonderful time. I would recommend SelfishMe Travel to anyone at any time.

Sandra B

Danielle made this experience first class from start to finish. Her exceptionally high level of customer service represents her extraordinary efforts to ensure Five Star service.

Laurant J

I never used a travel agent before in my life - why bother when you can google things yourself? But I knew planning a safari for my family of seven would quickly turn into a headache. Just researching which safari outfit to use was enough to make me break out into cold sweats, let alone figuring out visas and entry forms and vaccines. I turned to SelfishMe Travel and stepped back. Danielle's attention to detail and customer care made everything go as smoothly as possible. I've become a travel agent convert and will use SelfishMe the next time we go on a family vacation.

Spring M

See SelfishMe Travel’s Facebook Review page for most of these reviews.