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Cruise Travel Industry News – June 27, 2024

Cruise Travel Industry News – JUNE 27, 2024

Whenever I receive inquiries for cruises and I quote the full price, potential clients balk and say they can get it cheaper online. I ask them to go all the way through the cruise line’s consumer website to the point before they put in a credit card so they’ll see the real price. They reply back in shock!

It’s true. Consumers looking for good cruise deals, see a great price on cruises but then are shocked by the hidden fees (better known as taxes, fees and port charges). These fees can significantly increase the consumer’s budget and will often double the price of a ‘cheap’ cruise depending on the ports visited.

Well, this past week I’ve been getting a whole bunch of emails from cruise lines that state: starting on July 1, they will display prices that include the cruise fare AND all taxes, fees, and port charges.


Because changes in California’s consumer protection law – called the Honest Pricing Law (SB478) – going into effect July 1, 2024 has created a gigantic wave across the whole cruise industry. So, thank you California for making cruise lines show the complete base price, lessening consumer sticker shock, and creating transparency that hopefully will be enforced in other travel sectors such as resorts and rental cars.




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