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Facebook LIVE – Travel Industry News – July 7, 2022

Brief highlights of recent travel industry news:

🗺️ Flight cancellations and delays continue worldwide:

🧳 Delta cancellations and delays.

🧳 An American Airlines system glitch

🧳 JetBlue and American Airlines canceled the most flights over 4th of July weekend.

🧳 SAS (Scandanavian Airlines) filed for bankruptcy.

🧳 British Airways ground staff voted to strike.

🧳 Strike at Charles de Gaulle airport.

🧳 French railway workers on strike.

🗺️ In other news:

🧳 Omicron variant BA.4 and BA.5.

🧳 4th of July holiday travelers exceeded 2019 numbers.

🧳 Hotels are making more money than in 2019.

🧳 Marriott Hotels data breach.

🧳 Avalanche in the Italian Alps.

🧳 Several cruise lines dropping the Covid-19 test requirements.

🧳 Yellowstone National Park closed.

🧳 National Parks are over-run.

🧳 South Africa dropped Covid-19 requirements.

🧳 Australia dropped Covid-19 vaccine requirements.

🧳 Cayman Islands lifted Covid-19 testing requirement.

🧳 Celebrity Cruises eliminated single-supplement penalty on over 275 cruises.

🧳 The hot new trending travel item is luggage trackers.



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