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When you go to Greece, it’s really a must-do to visit a Greek island because that is what the country is famous for. But which one? Each of the Greek islands has something unique and each of them has its own good reason to go stay and play.

For my first-time to Greece clients, I’ll normally recommend my Greece 101 combo of Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini along with some excellent recommendations for hotels and activities. For the second visit, I’ll normally recommend Crete as my Greece 201 island. And for the 3rd visit maybe Rhodes and/or Symi.

Or, depending if my client wants some thing close to Athens or has a short stay in the country, I’ll always suggest one of my top 5 favorite small Greek islands:


Have you ever been to a beach with sand that’s so white it looks like snow? That’s Milos – an unreal, un-crowded Greek island that’s like something out of a movie – or maybe an alien planet.

Milos - Greek Island - on SelfishMe Travel blog post

From beach relaxation to cliff jumping for the adrenaline junkies, Milos has it all!


This is one of the more picturesque islands in the Aegean. Here you can drive (or hike!) up into the hills and catch a spectacular view of a delightful, quaint town across the valley.

Naxos - Greek Island - on SelfishMe Travel blog post

Perfect for families, this is an island where you can bring your kids to relax – or run all around, if that’s what the kids prefer doing!


This island is the ideal place to take a break from all the running around to ancient ruins. And just chill. Where else can you stand on a stone dock on the shores of the Mediterranean, and gaze at the pile of vibrant white houses on the hill beyond, topped by a two-spited white cathedral?

Paros - Greek Island - on SelfishMe Travel blog post

A less touristy island than many, the locals here are fantastic. And the food – often straight from the sea – is, if possible, even better. A must-see in this stunning country.


Does this name resemble any other island we’ve talked about? Paros, maybe? Well, as you might suppose, Antiparos is located right next to Paros – a mere five minute ferry ride away. But in terms of tranquility, it’ll feel like you stepped into Heaven.

Antiparos - Greek Island - on SelfishMe Travel blog post

Not that Paros is a bustling metropolis, but Antiparos is even more tranquil – and the water is, somehow, even more translucent and blue!


If you’ve never tried Greek cooking, you’re going to want to, on Sifnos. This island’s most famous inhabitant is Nicholas Tselementes, who – in 1910 – wrote the first Greek cookbook.

Sifnos - Greek Island - on SelfishMe Travel blog post

And on this island, a feast is just a matter of course. It’s not just moussaka; it’s stewed capers and chickpea croquettes – the stewed capers are taverna staples – and potteries that produce the casseroles used for revitháda (baked chickpeas) and mastello (lamb with red wine and dill). YUM!


A 3 to 6 hour ferry ride from Athens to either of these islands is a lovely way to spend a morning or evening on the Aegean Sea. What do you think?



Check out my Greece Travel Guide for more historical places and spaces. And when you’re ready to visit Greece, let SelfishMe Travel help you design your next best vacation by booking a complimentary discovery call with me.








CREDITS: This blog post was created by the Travel Agent Society and sold to SelfishMe Travel in 2021.

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