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🧳 My opinion about “breakthrough” Covid-19 cases.

🧳 Thousands of flights canceled since the week before Christmas.

🧳 Delta extended their flight voucher usage requirement until the end of 2023.

🧳 Cruise ship cancellations in January.

🧳 CDC terminates the CSO (Conditional Sailing Order) effective January 15 and replaces it with a voluntary program.

🧳 Many countries, once again, are changing entry protocols and restrictions due to the rapid spread of Omicron.

🧳 Call your favorite Travel Advisor/Agent to arrange your future vacations.


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Danielle Lewis

Danielle Lewis is a Travel Agent/Advisor who specializes in helping busy Women plan customized Culinary and Wildlife vacations worldwide. #GoSeeDoBe #SelfishMeTravel

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COVID-19 Coronavirus Updates

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